Coachbuilding & Outside Broadcasting solutions

OB vans

OB trucks are designed to meet high expectations of the TV shows, Sport, Entertainment and Cultural Events. Units are mostly equipped with up to 30x cameras. Separate areas are provided for Content Production, LSM, Sound and Engineering personnel. Together we create a specific ergonomic environment for maximum focus on best performance delivery.

In addition, tender/ equipment support /crew vans and satellite vehicles are available upon request. Thermal insulation solution can be selected depending on operating climate requirements. OB units are supplied with manuals, schemes and other technical documentation. We are using up to date power, cabling, climate control systems. TVC provides customer training and support during first live broadcasting events. We offer OB upgrade services (SD to HD, etc.), refurbishing, re-wiring, etc.

DSNG vans

DSNG stations represents a completely new way of flexible newsgathering. Great work space for laptop editing and easy to tape feeds – compact News SNG solution. DSNGs or small OB vans are usually used in various local national level events (concerts, sport events, meetings etc.) which require live broadcast, uplink or digital recording. A system allows satellite signal transmission, hardware instant transmission of running commentary as well as retransmission of audio and video signal trough satellite from one place to another. Superior quality materials, including solid hardwoods, durable laminate, wall carpets and hardwearing floor covering are used to ensure the best possible interior. Externally vehicles can be painted according to specification. We provide warranty, all technical documentation, information, manuals and training.

Mobile Spectrum Monitoring Stations

TVC in co-operation with its partners provide intergration services for spectrum monitoring, direction finding, and signals intelligence mobile solutions to civilian and government agencies.

Flyaway systems

Flyaway units are budget version of OB trucks designed to fill the niche between a fixed studio and more expensive production trucks. It is more flexible solution utilizing robust rain/dust-proof anti-shock cases. These units are designed to be transported anywhere you need according to IATA standards and can be deployed in few minutes. System operates independently on external power supply with DSNG functionality. As these units are built in-house, we provide full support, warranty and training. All transportable equipment has its own secure custom  padded place.